"I started off coaching with one, simple goal: find a new job which I love. But as the sessions went on, it became clear that what I really wanted to do was find contentment and fulfillment in myself. So nearly a year on with the new job acquired, we've developed a coaching dynamic around new exciting goals and self-discovery. 

Sophie's consummate skill and professionalism in the coaching environment means she has helped me traverse the difficult, often avoided conversations with a deft, reassuring skill. The sessions leave me feeling energised and unburdened in equal measure, with a clarity of thought and a purposefulness about what to do next. Her approach is methodical but not sterile making it easy to build rapport with her. I wholeheartedly recommend her coaching services to anyone looking to begin a fruitful journey of self-discovery."

Simon Fowler, Partnerships Manager at TikTok

 I started working with Sophie as I was planning my return to work as a primary school teacher after an 18 month sabbatical in order to be the main carer for our two young children, during which time I had also left my previous employment. It was suggested to me by my wife and I thought I'd do it as I had the time and nothing to lose from doing it. I thought my case was pretty straight forward and in my heart of hearts wasn't sure what some coaching would do for me, other than help me decide if I should go back full time or part time. What actually took place over the next three months was a number of discussions and exercises that helped rekindle my passion for teaching, my desire to lead, as well as develop me as a better person. I now have a better idea of the kind of person I am that helps me personally and professionally, and feel more confident in going for goals and ambitions that had previously been muted or that I had discounted for myself. As a person who is quite (very) closed, and struggles to talk about emotions, Sophie was excellent at understanding my viewpoints and where I was coming from, and helped me feel comfortable talking about things I hadn't previously been comfortable doing.  All in all, I can only recommend her in the strongest terms possible.

Dave Hill, Primary School Teacher

I have really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Sophie; after a year in lockdown, working from home, I was struggling, feeling unmotivated and lacking in energy. Sophie worked with me to help me to understand what I really love and value about my job and why I was feeling the way I was. We also identified some areas that I wanted to improve including confidence and Sophie had some excellent exercises to help me work through that. The sessions were always relaxed and enjoyable, and never pressured. Sophie has a great skill in bringing out your inner thoughts and feelings, and I feel like I understand myself a lot better now.

Katie, Charity Director

I reached out to Sophie as I was in desperate need of some external and objective support and guidance after becoming some confused with advice from friends, family, books, podcasts, websites and so on. I felt like I was suffocating or drowning with so much information! Sophie explained the difference between the fortnightly sessions and the Discovery Day and that she’d be willing to try a taster day first with fortnightly coaching thereafter as additional support if needed. I had gotten myself into quite an anxious place and am naturally a “do-er” (some would say incredibly impatient!) and as such I opted for the Discovery Day so that I could really get under the skin of what was truly important to me relatively quickly. Sophie sent me homework to complete which was a great baseline to begin our session as well. During the session itself Sophie adapted her style and approach to suit my comfort levels and it was so rewarding to come away with a few “the penny has dropped” moments. However, most importantly, after reflecting a month or so later, the biggest change was the noise had lifted from my mind and in its absence I had been able to move forward without giving it a seconds thought and for that I am truly grateful!

Sophie Cooper, Manager at Lloyds

"I was feeling slightly apprehensive about finally asking myself some tough questions but Sophie’s approach instantly put me at ease. Her ability to really listen and interpret what you say to probe in a supportive and constructive way meant I began to understand the root causes in a way I hadn’t before. On the back of Sophie’s help I made some small changes which have had a much wider impact on my overall well-being. Highly recommend Sophie to anyone needing a nudge or a shove!"

Becca Gale, Place Reviewer at Care Quality Commission

"I had coaching with Sophie and found the whole process very beneficial and motivating. I didn't quite realise I would benefit so much from a little help with clarity and direction - something I didn't quite realise I needed help in to start with! I wouldn't hesitate in doing further coaching sessions and would highly recommend Sophie - she explained the process clearly, made me feel at ease and was really easy to talk to and work with."

Amy Wardman, Ski Instructor and Resort Manager at New Generation

"Sophie has helped me through defining my goals, prioritising these and setting me on the right path to achieving them. Because of this I have taken the step to challenge myself to further finance studies in order to help achieve my goal of becoming a Director."

Richard Gray, Financial Controller at McDermott

"I went for coaching with Sophie at a turning point in my life when I'd had some disappointments at work. Her program helped me to re-evaluate what is important to me and led to some exciting discoveries about what I really want to do in my life. Sometimes you can have your head down working towards goals that will have the wrong outcome for you and it was nice to come up for breath and realise that there might be another way."

Anonymous, Professional Violinist

"I found my sessions with Sophie useful and motivating. It was valuable to have her reflect and distil my thoughts and feelings about my career and its trajectory; my thinking about that part of my life had become quite tangled and confused, and Sophie helped me to unpick that and to identify some actions to pursue that felt achievable and made me feel ‘on track’. She is a brilliant listener and always understood my sometimes garbled responses to the exercises that we went through, helping me to take something prescient from every one. I enjoyed some of the more lateral approaches that we took as they made me think differently about some things that I was previously failing to see my way through."

Mary Addyman, Assistant Conservation and Engagement Manager at National Trust